HMNL Senior Design Light Modulator Manuscript

Published: 7/28/2021

The 2018-2019 HMNL Senior Design Team published their work on creating a thermocapillary dynamic spatial light modulator in Optics Letters. Here they showed for the first time that the thermocapillary dewetting could be used to make a dynamic optic. This method has the advantage of being able to operate with only a thin liquid layer over a high-quality reflective surface, meaning it could be applied to high power lasers. You can read the article here.

HMNL Spray Templating Manuscript

Published: 10/04/2020

The HMNL and the Zahn and Zou Lab's recent work on self-limiting electrospray on thin film and dewetted templates has been published in Scientific Reports. The combination of laser dewetting and electrospray both brings together two of our lab's research thrusts and also is the first step to realizing the potential of developer-free lift-off. This work was funded by NSF award 1911518. You can read the article here.

Publication on Focused Laser Spike Dewetting

Published: 01/02/2019

HMNL's Tianxing Ma, Mike Nitzsche, Arielle Gamboa, and Valeria Saro-Cortes have published a manuscript that explores focused laser spike dewetting as a technique to create densely-packed monodisperse metal nanoparticles in localized areas in ambient conditions by manipulating capillary and thermocapillary dewetting on fluid-fluid interfaces. Read about it in ACS Applied Nano Materials.

Collaborative Metallic Laser Annealing Manuscript

Published: 2/16/2021

The lab of Jan Schroers' work in collaboration with HMNL on the laser annealing of aluminum metallic glass alloys has been published in Scientific Reports. Here we show that single spot laser annealing and dewetting of a combinatorial alloy arrays can reveal the best glass former under SEM. This massively accelerates the rate of alloy testing and will allow for rapid determination of what materials can be employed as bulk metallic glasses. You can read the article here.