Lab Openings: Rutgers currently remains open for research and the lab is accepting masters students for Spring 2021. Please contact Dr. Singer via email with a short introduction if you are interested.

Professor Jonathan P. Singer
Principle Investigator Rutgers University
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
98 Brett Rd, EN D-156 Piscataway, NJ 08854

Graduate Students  

Dr. Tianxing "Tim" Ma
PhD Graduate

Dr. Lin Lei
PhD Graduate

Michael Grzenda
PhD Candidate

Yogin Patel
PhD Candidate

Bryan Llumiquinga
PhD Candidate

Robert Green-Warren
PhD Candidate

Sarah Park
PhD Candidate

Pratul Rachakonda
Masters Student

Yifei Guo
Masters Student

Undergraduate Students

Catherine Nachtigal Class of 2022

Darrel Dsouza Class of 2022

Alex Liu Class of 2022

Ariana Dyer Class of 2023

Joseph Edralin Class of 2021

Alumni and Past Affiliates  

Molla Hasan
Assistant Professor: Alfred University
Former HMNL Postdoc

Valeria Saro-Cortes
PhD Candidate: UIUC Mechanical Engineering
Former HMNL Undergrad (2019)

Michael Nitzsche
PhD Candidate: MIT Mechanical Engineering
Former HMNL Undergrad (2019)

Arielle Gamboa
PhD Candidate: UIUC
HMNL undergrad and masters student

Dylan Kovacevich
PhD Candidate: U Michigan
HMNL undergrad and masters student

Christianna Kuznetsova
Class of 2021

Matthew Signorelli
Class of 2021
Krishna Gotur (Undergraduate Researcher) Huafeng "Lester" Fan (Undergraduate Researcher) Imrhankhan Shajahan (Undergraduate Researcher)
Jihyun Ryu (Postgraduate Researcher) Adithya Sridhar (Masters of Science)